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UHZ-C Side mounted magnetic tilting level gauge
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UHZ-C Side mounted magnetic tilting level gauge

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UHZ-C side mounted magnetic flip level transmitter is suitable for measuring and controlling liquid level and boundary position in liquid container.The liquid and gas are indicated by the turning column with clear color, which can clearly indicate the height of the liquid level.If it is necessary to transmit liquid level data over a long distance, you can choose to install a remote transmitter, which supports 4-20ma, 0-10v, pulse, HART, RS485 and other remote signals and communication protocols.When it is necessary to control and alarm the liquid level meter, it is necessary to install a liquid level switch. This type of liquid level switch has many types such as normally open type, normally closed type, single-pole double-throw type, etc., which can be selected.Uhz-c side-mounted magnetic tilting level transmitter has the advantages of safe use, reasonable design, simple structure, convenient and reliable installation, stable performance, long service life, low maintenance cost, easy installation and maintenance, etc. It is widely used in chemical industry, electric power, medicine, heating, petroleum and other industries.
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  • UHZ-C Side mounted magnetic flip level transmitter working principle

  • UHZ-C side mounted magnetic flip level transmitter is a level meter designed and manufactured for measuring and controlling the level height in the container and installed on the side of the container.UHZ - C side magnetic liquid level transmitter from the table, turning inspcetion, indicator, drain valve, remote transmitter, liquid level switches, liquid level meter and the container connected, when the liquid level inside the container height changes, resulting inspcetion displacement of the up and down inside the table, and indicator in under the action of magnetic force, magnetic double column turn 180 °, red (yellow) as the liquid level height, white (black) is the height of the air, red and white (black) interface for the container on the surface of the liquid level.The liquid level meter is equipped with remote transmitter and level switch, which can monitor and control the height change of liquid level remotely.Level gauge of the material of the table body can choose stainless steel 304, 316, 321, 347, titanium, special alloys, four fluorine lining, PP material, such as float material such as stainless steel, titanium, special alloy materials, double column materials such as plastic, nylon, aluminum alloy, ceramic material, through the collocation of different material combination, level gauge can adapt to high temperature and high pressure, low temperature, corrosive medium such as working environment.

  • UHZ-C side mounted magnetic flip level transmitter


    1. When the measuring range of magnetic tilting gauge is more than 3 meters, it is necessary to consider adding the middle reinforcement flange (or ear climbing) for fixed support to increase the strength.



    2. The magnetic tilting plate level gauge shall be installed vertically to ensure that the float assembly can move up and down freely in the main tube. A stop valve shall be installed between the container and the level gauge to cut off materials during cleaning and maintenance of the level gauge.

  • 3. No magnetic body is allowed to be near the main tube of the liquid level gauge, otherwise it will directly affect the normal operation of the liquid level gauge.After the level gauge is installed, magnetic steel shall be used for correction, and the inverted column shall be guided once to display red below zero and white above zero.

    4, liquid level meter in operation should be open to lead liquid pipe valve liquid medium smoothly into the main pipe, avoid the liquid medium with a floating ball component grew rapidly, and cause double column turn black heart failure or disorderly (if appear the phenomenon after being smooth surface available magnetic steel realigns), because in the process of transportation in order not to make the floating ball component is damaged, so the factory remove small gauge will float components before main body outside the tube.

    5. After the level gauge is installed, open the bottom drainage flange and reinstall the float assembly into the main pipe. Note that the heavy end of the float assembly is facing up and cannot be inverted.According to the condition of the medium, the sewage flange can be regularly opened to clean the sediment in the main pipe.Keep the level gauge in stable working condition and measuring effect.

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