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UHC High temperature and high pressure magnetic float level gauge


B69H double color level gauge

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B69H-16 Mica series long window type two-color water level meter is designed and manufactured by our factory for monitoring the water level of power plant boiler drum of thermal power generating set. If the TV monitoring system is matched, remote monitoring can be realized. This series of water level gauge can also be applied to the monitoring of boiler drum water level measuring in power, oil company, chemical industry.

UHC-Z Vacuum magnetic tilting level gauge

The vacuum magnetic tilting liquid level meter produced by hebei xukang instrument manufacturing co., LTD is suitable for measuring and controlling the liquid level and boundary position of high-temperature and high-pressure vessels.It has the features of clear and intuitive display, safe use of indicator separated from medium, reasonable design, convenient installation and maintenance, stable performance, long service life and low maintenance cost.This level gauge can also be used for data remote transmission. With the use of the remote transmitter, the level data measured by the level gauge can be transmitted remotely in the form of 4-20ma signal, which can realize remote monitoring and control of the level of related equipment.It can also be equipped with magnetic control switch or proximity switch to monitor and alarm the liquid level or control the inlet and outlet equipment

UHZ Side mounted magnetic level gauge stainless steel magnetic level gauge

UHZ side mounted magnetic level gauge is designed and produced according to magnetic force.When containers within the medium changes, under the liquid on the surface of the measuring tube magnetic float up and down with the liquid surface of the displacement, the display panel (black-yellow) in the red, white and magnetic column under the effect of magnetic force with the flip, there is liquid level (yellow) red, no level of rendering (black) white, can clearly indicate the container of the interface of liquid and gas.UHZ side mounted magnetic tilting liquid level meter can be equipped with remote transmitter and magnetic spring switch, which can realize long-distance transmission and control of liquid level height.It is widely used in chemical industry, petroleum, environmental protection, water treatment, shipbuilding and other industries to measure the liquid level in containers.Under high temperature conditions, UHZ side mounted magnetic tilting level gauge adopts high-temperature resistant permanent magnetic steel of cedar cobalt and aluminum alloy or high-temperature ceramic tilting column, which can measure the change of water level of boiler stably and accurately under high temperature and high pressure environment like boiler


Have professional production level and perfect after-sales service
Hebei Xukang Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of liquid level instruments. From the purchase of raw materials to the assembly of products, every detail is strictly controlled. Xukang's products are of high quality and safety. We hope to establish a long-term and stable cooperative relationship, because all the products it sells are guaranteed of quality! They will provide customers with detailed usage of each product to reduce wear and tear. We are looking forward to long-term cooperation.

We specialize in the production and operation of magnetic flip level gauges, glass plate level gauges, as well as gas flow meters, liquid flow meters, metal rotor flow meters, etc. Ten products, mainly used in petrochemical industry, metallurgical industry, power industry, water treatment



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Measuring Principle of Guided Wave Radar Level Meter
Measuring Principle of Guided Wave Radar Level Meter
Guided wave radar level meter measurement principle Guided wave radar is a measuring instrument based on the principle of time travel. Radar wave runs at the speed of light, and running time can be converted into level signal through electronic components. The probe sends out high frequency pulses and propagates along the cable. When the pulses meet the surface of the material, they are reflected back and received by the receiver in the instrument, and the distance signal is converted into the level signal.
There is a long way to go to replace imports with the rising demand for testing and testing instruments
There is a long way to go to replace imports with the rising demand for testing and testing instruments
Recently, hosted by Beijing Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association, the Beijing Inspection and Quarantine Technology Center and the National Alliance for Innovative Technologies of Large-scale Inspection Instruments and Equipment co-sponsored the "Quality Improvement and Application Promotion of Domestic Inspection Instruments and Equipment" Conference was held in Beijing.
SIS System Level Instrument in Tank Area
SIS System Level Instrument in Tank Area
For a long time, tank farms in petrochemical projects have been designed and implemented mainly according to the relevant design specifications of petrochemical industry.
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