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The Importance of After-sales Service to the Development of Instrument Industry
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The Importance of After-sales Service to the Development of Instrument Industry

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How important a perfect after-sales service system plays in the growth and development of an enterprise. Every year, CCTV 315 evening party will make some enterprises nervous and restless. CCTV exposes not only fake products, but also after-sales service.
Guide: How important a perfect after-sales service system plays in the growth and development of an enterprise. Every year, CCTV 315 evening party will make some enterprises nervous and restless. CCTV exposes not only fake products, but also after-sales service.
Recently, Spectrum Instruments, the world's leading designer and manufacturer of PC test and measurement equipment, announced that the warranty period for its entire line of products has been extended from two to five years, which has aroused tremendous heated discussion in the industry.
Therefore, a perfect after-sales service system plays an important role in the growth and development of an enterprise. Every year, CCTV 315 evening party will make some enterprises nervous and restless. CCTV exposes not only fake products, but also after-sales service. According to relevant statistics, more than 90% of customer complaints received by an enterprise come from after-sales service. If one consumer is satisfied with the quality of a product or service, he will tell the other six people; if not, he will tell 22 people.
In this service-oriented era, service-oriented business strategy has become the basic choice of many enterprises in the fierce market competition. For the development of instrument enterprises, it is particularly important to establish a perfect after-sales service system. At present, many instrumentation enterprises focus on the development of high, precise and sophisticated instrumentation. Based on the high technology and professionalism of high-end instrumentation, customers have a very urgent need for after-sales service. In recent years, great changes have taken place in the market structure of instrument and instrument industry in China. From low-end instrument and instrument products to high-end instrument and instrument products, people begin to pay more and more attention to the after-sales service of instrument and instrument products besides the quality and quality of products.
People like to compare goods when they buy goods. Products of the same price and quality have the best after-sales service, and the same is true for instrumentation products. Instrument enterprises not only provide customers with high-quality products, but also provide customers with perfect after-sales service. "What if it's broken?" "How do I use it?" A series of problems are always troubling customers. It objectively requires the instrument enterprises to provide more application service support for customers, not only limited to after-sales service, but also eliminate the use errors in the budding state. For example, to provide detailed product use instructions, software technology application services, hold some technical exchanges, training sessions, etc., to provide customers with scientific and professional product use methods, reduce the failure rate of instrument products and prolong service life. 24-hour after-sales service of Xukang Instrument in Hebei Province
Perfect after-sales service is an important fulcrum for the development of instrumentation enterprises, which directly affects the sales of instrumentation products. According to relevant data, good after-sales service can improve the quality of products by 9%. This means that if the after-sales service is good enough, even if the price of the product increases by 9%, users will be willing to buy the product.
After years of development, China has become a big country in the production and sales of instruments and meters, but the degree of specialization, socialization and industrialization of after-sales service of instruments and meters is not high enough. Compared with foreign well-known brands, although the gap in product quality is shrinking, there is still a big gap in the after-sales service of products. For many small and medium-sized instrumentation enterprises, after-sales service is a hard injury, which has become a major obstacle to the development of enterprises.
This requires instrument enterprises in the future development, not only to improve the quality, reliability and stability of instrument products, but also to actively learn from foreign well-known brand advanced after-sales service management experience, to provide different after-sales service programs for different regions and different users. For example, in the use of product instructions, we provide different language instructions, product maintenance instructions, rapid diagnostic instructions for domestic and foreign customers to help customers quickly familiarize with and use products; establish a 24-hour rapid service response mechanism to give timely solutions to problems reflected by customers; and cultivate professional after-sales technical support. Talents, to provide one-to-one technical services for customers and so on. China's instrument and instrument after-sales service industry contains huge growth space, and will become a strong competitive point in the future.
Perfect after-sales service, as an important part of instrument enterprise marketing. It is not only a kind of management, but also a concept of enterprises. It is a bridge link between enterprises and customers. Through after-sales service, instrument enterprises can strengthen communication and contact with customers, establish corporate image, improve product reputation, enhance product brand influence and market competitiveness.